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Discover the Success Stories: Why Users Love SonarCX
SonarCX makes business life easy, organized and quick.

John S.

Founder of S&S Accounting

One of the easiest to use and most time-saving options available.

Melissa K.


It is easy to have a look on every task and see which task is assigned to whom and what progress has been made.

Ekta M.


SonarCX makes my work life easy and gives me peace of mind. I know that nothing is getting missed, and work is being done by remote teams on time, in order of priority, and with the required detail. Everything is kept together to maintain a complete case file. Thank you!

Sarah A.

Managing Partner at Robinson & Palmer CPA

SonarCX helps me track all the work assigned to me and lets me know what I need to work on and when. Moreover, the details and timestamps attached to the tasks acted as proof in a case, helping to resolve a dispute with a client. Without this, it would have been a case of “I said” versus “what you said.”

Mark J.

Tax Accountant at Global Tax Partners LLP

Seeing all client data in the same system where work is being organized, and the team is collaborating, along with storing all our process documentation, has changed my life. The dashboards are fantastic and help keep me organized and system is constantly improving. Thank you SonarCX team!

Manminder S.


We were able to create tailored workflows to capture client details according to various industries and services we offer. Being able to lock down fields so that they cannot be changed without permissions has been a relief, knowing that no one is going to accidentally make an update to critical dates.

Rivera M.


My clients always want a number where they can text. I used to have to give out my personal number, but now I can just give out the SonarCX number. When clients message, the text comes right into my inbox in the client timeline in SonarCX. It helps me and my team separate work life from personal life.

Terry A.


It is so convenient being able to collaborate with the back office through the SonarCX Mobile App while I am on the go, without having to jump into different applications

Singh G.


The All-In-One Platform for Today's Accounting Firms

SonarCX stands out as the most customizable solution for accounting practice management, catering to unique use cases not easily addressed by other available solutions. It offers a collaborative platform that simplifies client onboarding, client management, document management, task workflows, time tracking, and more to streamline your accounting firm’s processes

Take the Next Step in Your Firm's Evolution

Task Management

Stay Organized, Meet Deadlines

Our robust task manager gives you control over client workflows so your firm runs efficiently.

Easily schedule projects and tasks. Set reminders and track progress in real-time so nothing falls through the cracks. See staff assignments and manage workloads firm-wide to improve coordination. Clients stay delighted when teams consistently meet their needs and deadlines.


Customer Portal

Our secure online portal enables seamless communication across email, text, chat – on any device. Clients can conveniently access documents, make payments, and message your firm via their preferred channel anytime, anywhere. Prompt responses keep customers happy and coming back.

By centralizing client interactions in one flexible platform, it streamlines collaboration for your firm and elevates service levels through:

Document Management

Organize Client Files Seamlessly

Tired of chasing down paperwork?
Our system lets you neatly organize client documents in one secure place. Easily move any files from your computer into the cloud app. Click to attach them to the right client or project in seconds.
Key Benefits:

Other Features

Collaborate efficiently and keep everything related to your client together, including communications between team members.
Gain a 360-degree view of your clients by centralizing all your client information, including communications.
Boost employee efficiency with instant access to information and provide clients with self-service options for easy knowledge access.

Work Anytime, Anywhere

Our cloud accounting platform lets you access everything conveniently from any device.

Check client data, share files, monitor work status – wherever you are! The flexibility helps your firm provide faster updates and top-notch collaborative service.


And sensitive data stays protected with powerful safeguards like data encryption, access controls, and regular security updates.

With robust cloud security measures, you get compliant, convenient access that transforms efficiency and client experiences!

Our Services

With SonarCX by your side, redefine your offerings in tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll, and business consulting. Experience a new era of efficiency, precision, and client satisfaction.
Custom Configurations

We mold SonarCX to fit your firm's unique needs with tailored integrations, custom fields, branded interfaces, and specialized reporting.

Implementation & Training

Our experts provide white-glove onboarding, user setup, in-depth staff training, and change management guidance ensuring smooth adoption.

Ongoing Support

Questions are just a chat away with our responsive technical support and account management teams there to help clients long-term.

The SonarCX Difference:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • SonarCX is an all-in-one practice management platform designed to simplify and enhance how you serve clients and run your firm.
  • By centralizing communication, information, collaboration, and payments, SonarCX provides an integrated solution to:
    • Streamline client onboarding and engagements
    • Organize clients, projects, and teams
    • Enable secure client messaging
    • Centralize client documents and data
    • Share knowledge across the firm
    • Get paid quickly online
  • With SonarCX, you can:
    • Create client engagement experiences that convert leads faster
    • Keep leads, clients, teams, and projects organized in one place
    • Send text messages and securely communicate with clients
    • Store all client data and documents in a centralized database
    • Share institutional knowledge internally or with clients
    • Get paid instantly and securely with online payment processing

To start your 15-day free trial:


  1. Book a quick demo meeting with one of our specialists. This gives us an opportunity to learn about your firm’s needs and ensure we set up your trial properly.
  2. After the demo, we’ll create your firm’s account, users, and sample data so you can fully test SonarCX.
  3. You’ll then have 15 days of access to try all of SonarCX’s features, free of charge and with no credit card required.
  4. During the trial, feel free to add your own clients, contacts, documents, and other data to see how SonarCX works with your real workflows.
  5. If you have any questions as you evaluate SonarCX, our support team is available by email, chat, Phone and Text
  6. On day 15, if you decide SonarCX is not the right solution, your access will simply expire and nothing will convert to a paid plan.


The 15-day free trial gives you ample time to fully experience SonarCX for your firm before making any commitment. And starting with a quick custom demo ensures we set you up for success. Give SonarCX a try today!

Our dedicated support team is available right within SonarCX to help with any questions you have. Using the in-app messaging, you can get assistance instantly without having to open another window.

Some key features of our support include:


  • In-platform messaging – Reach out right within SonarCX and our team can respond directly to you there.
  • Live chat – For quick inquiries, chat with us real-time from the SonarCX interface.
  • Email support – For more detailed questions, email us anytime and we’ll respond promptly.
  • Phone support – For urgent issues, call our support line to speak directly with an expert.
  • Onboarding training – We provide customized onboarding to get you up and running smoothly.
  • Ongoing education – Our team constantly creates resources like help docs, videos, and webinars.


Our goal is to provide an exceptional support experience by meeting you where you work. With in-platform messaging, chat, email, phone, and training, we’ve got you covered!

Elevate Your Operations, Client Service and Success

SonarCX offers a user-friendly platform ready to help unlock new levels of productivity, experiences, and growth for your firm. Experience smooth implementation as we as we support you every step of the way.

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