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Elevate Your Client Management with SonarCX

SonarCX revolutionizes your client relationships. Discover the power of seamless client management, customizability, and delivering unforgettable client experiences.

Why Choose SonarCX for Client Management?

Everything in One Place

SonarCX consolidates every aspect of client relations under one roof. No more juggling tools or losing vital client information. Access everything you need effortlessly.

Unparalleled Customizability

Tailor SonarCX to fit your unique workflow. Easily create and manage customer databases, ensuring you're in control.

Total Transparency

Our system provides complete visibility across every client relationship. Know who's handling each client, what's been discussed, and where things stand with just a glance.

See why others like you love SonarCX
SonarCX makes business life easy, organized and quick.

John S.

Founder of S&S Accounting

One of the easiest to use and most time-saving options available.

Melissa K.


It is easy to have a look on every task and see which task is assigned to whom.

Ekta M.


It makes your work life easy gives me peace of mind. You have last updated comments, documents, priorities Task & other features to help my team get your work done on time.

Sarah A.

Managing Partner at Robinson & Palmer CPA

SonarCX helps me track all the work assigned to me and know what I need to work on and when. Moreover, the specific information attached to the task acted as proof to help resolve dispute with the client

Mark J.

Tax Accountant at Global Tax Partners LLP

The timestamped tracking in SonarCX will save you in case any issue arises with a client.

Manminder S.


Features That Matter

Client List :

Instantly view vital client details and create dynamic lists for effective segmentation.

Saved Filter Views :

Customize your client list based on tags, custom fields, and client data. Save your views for easy access.

Client Communication :

Bid farewell to scattered client communications. All interactions are neatly organized, providing a holistic view of each client's history.

Collect Customer Data :

Effortlessly collect data through our client portal, create custom fields and forms, and establish personalized workflows.

Client Portal :

Collaborate seamlessly with clients using integrated workflows and document sharing.

Activity Timelines :

Gain insight with shared histories of chats, notes, tasks, and activities related to each client or job.

Document Storage :

Automatically store and organize files and documents against clients and jobs.

Tag Clients:

Easily categorize and organize clients for improved efficiency.

Unlock Your Business Potential

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