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Seamless Client Interactions

Unlock Seamless Client Interactions with SonarCX Client Portal

Experience the power of secure and seamless client communication. Elevate your client relationships to new heights with SonarCX’s revolutionary Client Portal.

Why Choose SonarCX for Client Management?

Elevate the Client Experience
SonarCX Client Portal offers a secure haven for your client interactions. Your clients gain access to the full conversation timeline from different communication channels—secure messages, SMS, email—along with files, invoices, payments, and completed forms. Gift your clients a seamless journey with your business and save them time from digging through cluttered inboxes.
Effortless Data Collection
Create custom forms and effortlessly collect information from clients through the portal. Say goodbye to manual data entry; your client database is updated in real time.

User Tesmonial

“SonarCX’s Customer Portal has transformed our client interactions, making them smoother and more efficient. It’s an indispensable tool for our firm.”

Key Features

Secure Messaging :

Communicate confidentially with your clients within the portal. Keep all conversations in one secure location.

Custom Forms :

Create and share custom forms with clients, ensuring you capture all essential information seamlessly.

Client Database :

Automatically update your client database as clients complete forms within the portal.

Invoices & Payments :

Enable your clients to view invoices and make payments at their convenience.
(Note: Time & Billing module required)

Effortless File Exchange :

Simplify file collection from clients. SonarCX Client Portal makes it easy for clients to upload and securely share documents with your team.

Secure File Sharing :

Share critical documentation with your clients securely, granting them access anytime, anywhere. Plus, automate reminders for outstanding items.

Collect Signatures :

Easily collect client signatures on forms for efficient document processing.

Self-Service Knowledge :

Empower your clients with self-service options. Provide easy access to knowledge base articles through the customer portal.

Unlock Your Business Potential

Join SonarCX today and harness the power of secure, efficient, and seamless client interactions. Our free trial comes with no obligations and requires no credit card information. Sign up now to transform your client communication.

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