Team Chat

Customers love not having to switch apps to collaborate with their team members.

SonarCX Team Chat: Conversation, Elevated

The strength of any firm lies in its communication. With SonarCX Team Chat, every conversation becomes an opportunity for growth.

Key Features

Private Chats:

Securely engage in one-on-one conversations with team members.

Group Chats:

Collaborate seamlessly in group discussions for enhanced teamwork.

Message Boards:

Publish important items and updates for everyone to see.

External Collaboration:

Extend your communication to customers and vendors.

Experience Effortless Collaboration

SonarCX Team Chat revolutionizes the way you communicate, ensuring that your team remains on the same page without the need to toggle between various applications. Say goodbye to data silos, streamline your business processes, and keep your data, communication, and people in one centralized place.

User Tesmonial

It is so convenient being able to collaborate with the back office through the SonarCX Mobile App while I am on the go, without having to jump into different applications.

Unlock Your Business Potential

SonarCX is the key to elevating your operations, improving client satisfaction, and growing your success. Our user-friendly platform is quick to implement, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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